Cooperation is the fastest way to board

Because security is a priority, all passengers and crew must pass the security check point.

These procedures are mandatory, even if your flight is about to take off. So, be sure to arrive at the airport with enough time to ensure you learn what you need to make everything faster and more efficient.

In the Dominican Republic, the safety of civil aviation is under the supervision of the Cuerpo Especializado en Seguridad Aeroportuaria y de la Aviación Civil (CESAC).

For more information or clarifications on security control, visit Cuerpo Especializado en Seguridad Aeroportuaria y de la Aviación Civil or call to 1-809-549-8026.

How should I prepare for security screening?

You can speed up your passage through the security checkpoint by preparing in advance. Bring your documents and boarding pass in your hand and use the plastic trays to place your personal belongings:

  1. Take out from your bag any laptops and/or other electronic devices.
  2. Transfer all items from your trousers or shirt pockets (coins, keys, cell phone, etc.) to your jacket or coat pockets. If not applicable, place them in the trays provided.
  3. Take off your jacket/coat and place it in one of the plastic trays.
  4. Declare and separate any liquids: When carrying liquids, place them in your hand baggage, in an authorized transparent plastic bag. See restrictions on liquids and prohibited items.
  5. Remove your belt and/or shoes, as requested by the security staff. You must also ensure that you are not carrying any forbidden items.

What is security screening?

Security screening examines items carried by passengers in their clothing and/or hand baggage.

Generally, the passenger is required to pass through a walk-through metal detector and their hand baggage is then scanned by X-ray. Passengers and their baggage may also be subjected to screening with Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) equipment.

What is the explosive trace detector (ETD)?

It is a device that analyses nano-particles on a sample collected from the passenger or their baggage.

This type of screening may be requested randomly of any passenger at the security checkpoint, and does not replace any other procedure. It is a non-invasive screening, without any harmful effects for people, animals or transported goods.


What should I do if arrive POP on a connecting flight?

Passengers connecting in the same plane should only get off the plane to go through a security inspection point and go back to the same plane again. For this process you will always be accompanied by a staff of your airline.

Passengers connecting in different airplanes, whether from the same airline or from another different, must get off the plane, go through immigration and customs, collect the checked baggage, leave the restricted area and re-enter again, passing the security point inspection. If you have checked-in luggage, you must go to your airline's check-in counter to drop it. During this process you will always be accompanied by a staff of your airline.

We recommend that whenever you go on a connecting flight, inform your airline staff for assistance.

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