Checked Baggage

Security First

Check-in all baggage that you don't need to have with you.

When travelling, your baggage should be stored in the aircraft hold. Although you can check-in anything you don't need to carry with you in the cabin, there are weight restrictions and other rules you should be aware of that apply to the transportation of specific items.

Is there a limit on checked baggage?

Yes. You should always contact your airline before travelling. Depending on your destination, airline and travel class, restrictions may vary regarding items you can or can't carry.

I am travelling with special baggage, what should I do?

When travelling with sports equipment, musical instruments, animals, or any other type of special or oversized baggage, you should contact your airline before travelling. So, you will know what are the costs, limits, procedures and documents necessary for a boarding process without delays.

My baggage did not arrive or is damaged.

If your baggage was lost or damaged as a result of problems not caused by defects inherent to the baggage itself, you should file a complaint with your airline as soon as possible. The most advisable is that you do it even when you are still at the airport.

Are any items prohibited in hold baggage?

Yes. Because safety is a priority, there is a list of items not allowed to be transported even in checked baggage. To know this list, check the list of Prohibited Items.

How can I protect my baggage?

The airport offers some security options, as security padlocks and straps available in some stores at the airport, also the wrapping service which protects and packages your bags.

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